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Where Can I Find Bed Bugs in My Home?

You got the creepy crawlies.

You swear there was something crawling in your taxi on the way home.

Now, you are paranoid that you brought them home and are probably going to be sleeping with one eye open.

Well have no fear, Bed Bug BBQ has some tips and tricks you can use to either shake off the worries or prompt you to call some professionals.

Bed bugs likely got their name from their habit of feasting on humans while they are asleep in their beds. Active at night, they awake when we go to sleep, giving them the perfect opportunity to eat a late night meal. As much as we love being by our refrigerator, bed bugs also find it convenient to live next to their food source. They would gather in places that people also live to get together, this includes but not limited to, schools, hotels, offices, retirement homes, residences, and public transportation.

With this in mind, it is important to note that ANYONE can get bed bugs. You may have a half a million dollar home that receives a good scrub everyday and you are still at risk for being them home. Now, if you did scrub your home everyday, you may be able to catch the infestation before it gets worse. So where should you look?

Check out the common places that bed bugs can be found in your home:


An obvious answer, but the specific places to look in on your bed are the mattress creases, in the mattress, cracks in the frame, box spring, behind baseboards, and folded areas of the bed. Any place where it’s dark and hidden would be an ideal home location for these pests.


Now, they won’t be sleeping in the middle of your kitchen wall, but they can be found in electrical switch plates or outlets, wallpaper, and picture frames. We even had a case where they were living behind a poster. They also can be found hiding behind the baseboards.


Bed Bugs hide in small cracks and crevices close to a human environment so they can be close to their food source. So you may also find them in any cracks, holes, or crevices in furniture. This includes couches, desks, and antique furniture. Always check in between any cushions and seams as well.



Now the biggest thing to remember is to not take a sledgehammer to your wall in search of these nasty creatures. If you have any fear that you may have been in contact with a place that was infested with bed bugs, it is essential to get an inspection from a professional.

Here at Bed Bug BBQ, we use our expert knowledge on bed bugs to give you direction as to whether you are in need of a bed bug heat treatment. No sales pitches, just our expert recommendation on what your next steps (if any) should be. Lucky for you, Bed Bug BBQ offers FREE inspections so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you don’t (or do) have bed bugs.

Call us today: (216) 221-1227 to schedule yours.

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