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Preparing For Bed Bug Extermination

Preparing For Bed Bug Extermination


Unfortunately, you have found bed bugs in your home. You have called a bed bug exterminator and have scheduled a time for them to inspect or treat your property. Now what?

Many professional exterminators will give you directions as to how to prepare for treatment based on the specific method of bed bug removal. It is vital to carry out all responsibilities to ensure that a re-infestation does not happen.

If you weren’t given any instructions as to how to prepare but would like to be proactive, check out some at home bed bug treatment tips.

Before the professionals arrive, you will want to….



It may not rid a property of bed bugs, but cleaning and vacuuming will assist in decreasing the spread of an infestation. Be sure to completely remove any floor clutter as well as. Bed bugs are notorious for finding even the most obscure places to hide.  After you are finished vacuuming and cleaning the entire home, clean the vacuum by emptying container into a garbage bag. Then seal it and throw it away outside in the trash can.



Separate and organize items that are completely infested and need to be disposed of from other items that can be treated. If removing items from the infested home, take measures to ensure that such items are properly bagged or enclosed before moving to prevent infestation of other places or areas such as vehicles, storage units, etc. Do not remove any items from your home without inspecting or treating it first. Leave as much in the structure as possible, since success requires treatment of all possible items.


Move Furniture

Move all furniture at least a foot away from the wall. Bed bugs often hide in the baseboards of the wall, so it is important to keep your items away from these areas.


Heat Treat Clothes

Wash and dry items that are salvageable at a minimum of 140°F for at least 40 minutes. This would include clothes and anything else that can be safely placed in the dryer. Be sure to have 1 set of clothing to wear the day of treatment. Place the clothing in the dryer for 1 hour on high heat, then place in a sealed bag outside of the structure.


Dispose of Infested Items

Dispose of completely infested furniture items. In some extreme cases, it may be for your benefit to dispose of items that have a large amount of bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs. You will also need to determine how to properly dispose of any infested furniture items. You should not take your furniture to a second-hand store or sell it. This may be a good moment to contact the city trash service and follow any regulations and policies already set in place.



On the day of treatment, you will need to be away from the property for anywhere between 4-10 hours and should make accommodations for any pets that will need to be removed from the property.


There may be other instructions given by your bed bug exterminator in order to prevent any damage to your materials. Be sure to ask for any further responsibilities before treatment.


Bed Bug Treatment

These measures will help eliminate some of the bed bugs, but it will not completely rid of the problem. Exterminating bed bugs in residential homes should be done by a licensed bed bug exterminator. Store bought pesticides will only temporarily subside the problem. Often times, many bed bugs are missed with DIY methods and spread to other rooms or areas of the house.

With a bed bug heat treatment by Bed Bug BBQ, you can be assured that all of your bed bugs will be removed in just one day. This includes all adults, nymphs, and eggs. Using specialized heaters that are equipped with safety devices such as sensors and thermostats, it penetrates carpets, furniture, mattresses, ceilings and walls. The heat reaches areas where pesticides cannot be applied, which makes it the best method for bed bug removal.

If you are in the Cleveland, OH area and are in need of bed bug removal, call Bed Bug BBQ at (216) 232-2762 or contact us through our site for a FREE inspection. Be #BedBugFree today!


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