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The Woman Behind the Phone

The Woman Behind the Phone


If you have ever called Bed Bug BBQ you have most likely talked with Karen. She is one of the lovely women that run the Bed Bug BBQ office which is located in Lakewood,OH. Karen is one of your initial contacts when you call in. She will help you along the process and get you the help you need by directing you to a technician. Karen was born and raised in Cleveland. When she is not working at the office she often enjoys the art of painting.

Since Karen is one of the initial contacts when you call Bed Bug BBQ, she shares some of her tips before you call in:

First of all, if you think you have bed bugs there is no need to panic!


“They are a nuisance, but they are not dangerous” – Karen


Just because there is a bug on your bed does not automatically mean it is a bed bug. There are so many different bugs out there to consider. Also, bed bugs can happen to anyone! They can appear at a variety of locations such as movie theatres, 5 star hotels, or even a bus. There is no way to stop bed bugs from hitchhiking their way back to your house no matter how clean you are.Thankfully, Bed Bug BBQ offers free consultations to check your home to identify the bed bug infestation. They have a designated service area for their free consultations which is a one hour radius from Lakewood. If you want a consultation outside of their service area their will be a fee that comes along with that.

Once you know that you have bed bugs, it is best to get them out of your home immediately so they do not multiple further. Luckily, Bed Bug BBQ has heat treatment that also kills the eggs which means the bed bugs will not come back in a couple weeks. You will be rid of them all in one full day of heat treatment!

There is no pattern or season when bed bugs are more active. Bed bug infestations are very unpredictable.


“Sometimes we get 10-12 calls a day, and we just can’t predict when they are going to come in.” – Karen


If you end up having to call in to Bed Bug BBQ because you believe you have a bed bug infestation then here are a few things Karen will ask when you call:

How long do you think you have had the bugs and if you have been bitten?

Where are you seeing the bugs and where the initial contact was?

Also, it is important to know if the person is living in a house or apartment building. Bed Bug BBQ has a rental program for residents in places such as apartments so they can rent the equipment out for themselves.


“We do the best we can to get the most information from the callers.” – Karen


Karen can always get you the help you need like sending a technician out to take a look at the customer’s home and decide what the best course of action should be.

There is never a way to fully prevent bed bugs, but here is some information Karen has shared to educate about being aware of bed bugs in our everyday life:


“When you are traveling do not put your suitcases down. Especially in hotels because people travel and you need to look for evidence. It is not necessarily just on the bed, bed bugs can be under the sheets and behind pictures on the wall. You never know where they are.” – Karen


It is very important to be aware of bed bugs when you are traveling and staying in hotels. It does not matter if it is a 5-star hotel, bed bugs can be anywhere. If you are able to stay more aware of bed bugs, then you can lower your chances of infestation in the future.

Here at Bed Bug BBQ, we use our expert knowledge on bed bugs to give you direction as to whether you are in need of a bed bug heat treatment. No sales pitches, just our expert recommendation on what your next steps (if any) should be. Lucky for you, Bed Bug BBQ offers FREE inspections so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you don’t (or do) have bed bugs. If you are in the Lakewood or Cleveland area and need bed bug removal and extermination, call us today to schedule your inspection: (216) 232-2629.

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